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The Raffle

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Over 50+ Raffle Items

The Pinchella raffle will be filled with fun prizes, pins, gift certificates and more. Guest can collect tickets from vendors, groups and traders all throughout the Pinchella Event.

Stay tuned for previews of some of the great raffle prizes.



Pinchella - Disney Festival + Pin Trading Event + Droids + Artists + More

Join the Pins Break the Internet Team for a day of pin trading and merch sales. Coming together with Facebook Groups, IG-Sellers, Insta-Fluencers and YOU to throw a day at the Pinchella park.

Guests are encouraged to shop with the vendors, bring pins to trade, meet community leaders & admins, and explore what hides in the Pinchella park.

FREE face painting, artist demonstrations, giveaways, raffles, and more.


Labor Day Weekend.
Saturday. September 4th.
11:00AM - 5:00PM

11551 Trask Ave, Garden Grove, CA [the Elks Lodge]
General admission is free. Table and Booth space available.

Coming out to Trade? RSVP NOW

Gaze into the Magic Mirror

A Disney enthusiast and gem in the community is coming out to Pinchella with her "Magic Mirror".

Burton Photography is a disabled veteran owned company. Members of Model Mayham, HeartsApart.Org and donate our time throughout the community. Burton Photography fulfills clients needs and supply props of all kinds, from antique to modern.


Diablo Pins - Patrick

@DiabloPins is dedicated to an extensive collection of Disney Villains Fine Art & exclusive limited Disney merchandise. Check out his recent Youtube Pinterview. Diablo pins also buys, sells and trades limited merchandise items.
IG: @diablopins FB: @diablopins
youTube: @diablopins

@MarcMouse + Friday Night Live Crew

Mar-c has been collecting, trading, buying, & selling since pin trading started at WDW in 1999! She has been to ALL of the Disney parks around the world too many times to count to get pins that she now sells in her live show & sale every Friday Night with 4 other sellers to provide a huge selection that changes every week!
IG: @marcmouse

@Hpywolf - Holy Grail Collectibles

Bringing Grail Pins, Rare Merchandise & more. Meet the @hpywolf Team in-person.
IG: @hpywolf

@KawaiiWildFlower + @Mai.Wonderland

Kawaii. Cuteness. Baby Emeri. Come meet & trade with these besties.
IG: @kawaiiwildflower IG: @mai.wonderland


Daisypins is known for their weekly live sales and opps. They havea variety of pins to choose from as well as pin bookjs and pin bags. They will be out buying, selling, and trading. Stop by and say hello to one of your favorite instagrammers!
IG: @daisypins

Bowtique Envy - @bowtiqueenvy

Purveyors of cute stuff. Loungefly, International Exclusives. Disney. Sanrio + more. Pop-Up appearance at Pinchella but can be found at booth #429 at the Frank and Son Collectible show every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday!
IG: @bowtiqueenvy

Big Fat Lanyards - Wither wings wares - Amy

Wizard, cosplayer, Disney pin collector, bigfatlivesaler, pin designer, ravenclaw, enthusiast of ALL things nerdy. Her magical presence can be found on IG Live Sales and PopShop Live.
IG: @bigfatlanyards - @witherwingswares - @thenerdfashionista

@Nifflrthingamabobs & @Zenpinlyfe - Fantasy Pins

In 2020, Zen and Chanari started making fantasy pins, stickers, and prints! Nifflr Thingamabobs combines two of their favorite things: Disney and Harry Potter!
nifflrthingamabobs.com - IG: @zenpinlyfe @nifflrthingamabobs

JD Collectibles

JD Collectibles has built an impressive inventory over the past few years. They specialize in harder to find limited edition pins while providing superior customer service. Browse their website or stop by to get that grail to complete your collection.
IG: @jd__collectibles - site:JD Collectibles

Joey's Collectibles

Joey and Alyssa teamed up to create joeyscollectibles LLC. They’re collectors at heart but also love connecting with other traders! Joey hosts live shows every other Saturday on Instagram! Be sure to stop by our booth to nerd out and talk disney pins!
IG: @joeyscollectibles

@mrpincredible - Casey

Casey is coming in from Arizona with a car full of pins. He is an avid Disney pin collector and the admin of Arizona Pin Collectors and Traders. You won't be disappointed with his wide range of Disney pins.
IG: @mrpincredible

Karl Steink - Cast & Rare Disney Pins

Karl always surprises with a unique selection of rare Disney pins. With years of experience, Karl curates Disney pins that will make you drool.
Trusted vendor from the Disneyana Sale & Show

Dream499 Pins - @dream499pins

A true hobbyist & pin aficionado. 2+ decades on Ebay as Dream499. Diana King aka the Disney pin encyclopedia will be out to buy, sell & trade in person. Come stop by.
IG: @dream499pins

Melinda's Collectibles and Pins

Melinda is one of the most trusted sellers in the pin trading community. You may know her from Frank & Sons but she is taking the time to join our event. Buy, Sell & Trade.
Store - Frank & Sons Collectibles

Young Queen - @youngqueendisneypins

Collecting/Trading/Selling for 22yrs. Live Sales Wednesday. Lots of Pins & Grails. Home of the Original Boxes. We Buy Collections.
IG: @youngqueendisneypins

@pinmauz - Alexis

Live Sales! Board Sales! Custom Pin Displays! Visit Pinmauz at her booth to see what pins and merchandise surprises she is bringing. Don't forget to follow on instagram
IG: @pinmauz eBay: pinmauz

@pinsandcrap - Cute Merch & Pins!

Anthony & Isali will be there in person bringing out their cute merch and tons of pins. Get ready for an explosion of HTF and Grail pins.
Ebay: pinsandcrap - IG: @pinsandcrap

@puramagiaco - FanMade Magic

Online Shop Coming Summer of 2021.
IG: @puramagiaco

Discount Disney Pin Trading

Hoping to keep this Hobby of Disney Pin Trading FUN & AFFORDABLE For ALL!! These Pins Are Perfect To Trade, Complete Your Collection, Or Give As A Gift!!
FB: @Discount Disneypins


Come out and buy/trade with Michael & Melissa. The two of them have been trading for over 10 years and will not disappoint with their vast inventory of DSSH, WDI, Auctions, Japan, Paris and other exclusives.
IG: @disneypinaholic

The Disneyland Goonies - @disneyland_goonies

Hey You Guyssss! Gooonies Alert! All of you know them from their fun live sales on IG and we are excited to have the Disneyland Goonies, Woody & Leana, join the festival. They will not disappoint with their variety of pins and merch. Come show your support and say hello.
IG: @disneyland_goonies

PinFolio - GoPinPro

Since our creation of PinFolio, we have remained the industry leader with our patent pending, revolutionary Stick’N’Go™ technology for holding enamel pins. We have grown our product line, selling over 50,000 units worldwide. Stop by the PinFolio booth to see our newest products. Follow us on instagram to see our newest products.
GoPinPro.com IG: @gopinpro

Mistie & Bradley - @mistie_and_brad

Two of my favorite pin traders are coming to join the PARTY! Mistie and Brad are known for finding some of the hardest grails and prototype pins out there. Come trade and buy with this adorable couple.
IG: @mistie_and_brad

Trade+Sell - Lena, Sharon & Diana

Dust off your trader books and come out and trade. Stop by the booth and take a look at what we have for sale and trade. We are bringing out tons of traders. There may even be a nuimo surprise peaking out of this booth.

h_a_disneypins - Hannah & Abel

Cuteness Alert! Hannah is always surrounded by the best merchandise and pins. Catch her on IG for fun live sales. We can't wait to see what she brings to Pinchella.
IG: @h_a_disneypins


Kraken carries Disney Licensed Merch and awesome pin bags. They host local pin trading events so don't miss out by giving them a follow on instagram.
IG: @krakentrade

Dory - @dory_book

Yay! Dory confirmed that she will be out trading and selling. Dory regularly posts hard to find pins on instagram, so don't forget to give her a follow.
IG: @dory_book store: Booth at My-D Pins

@indydisneypins - Erin Morehouse

Erin is a staple in the Disney community that be found hosting instagram live sales and a regular on Friday Nights with @marcmouse. She actively travels to WDW to keep her pinventory fresh and new. Erin is also an admin in the "Disney Flea Market" facebook group. We are excited she will be joining Pinchella!
IG: @indydisneypins

@pinsnpoms - Allison

Give me a P-I-N-S, go PINSnPOMS! Come out and meet Allison the cheer coach that is Disney obsessed. Meet her at the Friday Night Live Block Party. Catch her live sales on Wednesday and Thursday and then with the Friday night crew at Marc’s! Also, owner of Yellow Brick Boutiques.
IG: @pinsnpoms IG: @yellowbrickboutiques

Kanga.Roo.pins - Sam, Chloe & Katie

Samantha is an Australian expat living in Southern California with her daughters, Chloe and Katie. Together we we have bonded over all things Disney and we make up the team which hosts Live Sales on Instagram each Tuesday at 5pm Pacific (Disneyland) time. We regularly feature releases from DLR, DCA, WDW, Paris, Loungefly, BoxLunch and Hot Topic pins and merchandise. We strive to provide a trustworthy, fair, and fun place for our friends to find all kinds of goodies. We hope you will hop on by and check us out! The Aussie accent is a fun bonus too!
IG: @kanga.roo.pins eBay: melbournesam

@ms_phys_loves_pins - Kim

Kim will be joining in the Friday Night Live Block Party. Come say hello to one of our favorite Live Sellers. I host my personal live sales every Sunday night at 4 pm Disneyland time. Don't forget to follow her on IG.
IG: @ms_phys_loves_pins


Suzzane & Marlee will be out buying, trading, selling & having fun! @dizzypinfamily hosts live and post sales full of fun Disney pins and merchandise. You won't be able to miss the smiling faces of these two.
IG: @dizzypinfamily FB: @dizzypinfamily


Hello Hello! I am usually in the parks pin trading! I have a booth at Frank N Sons where I buy, sell&trade items from the 80s to now! I'm also on IG: sutn_treasures where I post what's new and coming in and sometimes will go LIVE!
IG: @sutn_treasures

@disney_mad_mandie - Mandie

Stop by and take a look at Mandie's booth, where you'll find hundreds of Disney pins for trade and sale! She'll also have some adorable merch and fun homemade crafts to add to your Disney Collections! Don't forget to give her a follow.
IG: @disney_mad_mandie
eBay: disney_mad_mandie

LotsaDisneyPins - Donna

Donna has been collecting, selling, and trading pins since 1984 when the Olympics were here. Disney pins are her passion. Come visit her booth to find decades of hidden gems. She sure has Lotsa Disney Pins and we are excited to welcome her to our little festival.
IG: @neverenufdisneypins

@to_pinfinity_and_beyond - Justin

Grails, Grails, and more Grails! Justin specializes in finding the most hard to find pins of every character. He is a trusted seller and trader. Don't be intimidated by this big guy, he's fun and trustworthy. Give him a follow and stop by his table at Pinchella
IG: @to_pinfinity_and_beyond

@MagicalGiveaways - Ms Linda

Come visit the Magical Giveaway booth and maybe you will get something special. Can't wait to see everyone!
IG: @magicalgiveaways

Rita and Luis

Having met through this crazy fun hobby in line at DSSH, this newly-wed couple is excited to bring a variety of pins, both big and small, and get back into the hobby that brought them together! From cute open editions, to fantasy pins, to grails, they have a little bit of everything and can’t wait to show you.
IG: @rita.panda IG: @surrounded.by.sharks

Dave's Not Here...

Dave's not here to shark you. Dave's not here to price gouge. Dave's not here to eat all the food. Dave's here to sell his Disney pins and frame sets! and drink all the diet soda. He is a part to the Pins Break the Internet Team and can be found on Live Sales on Thursdays.
IG: @davidkochems

@chellelovesdumbo - Michelle

Stop by Michelle's table and take a look at her fun traders. She is a kind person that is always willing to help others find stuff for their collection. Help her find her ISOs: Dumbo, Belle in Blue, Mufasa, Nala, Briar Rose, Maleficent as a Dragon, Mulan & Tink.
IG: @chellelovesdumbo


Why is everything so cute?!?! Hannah will be joining the Pins Break the Internet team in the PBTI Pop-Up Shop. You will not be disappointed.
IG: @collectshannah


Your friendly neighborhood Rice Krispies Vampire. Hoarder of Hidden Mickeys and pins of all types. Come find the Vampire for a trade and a treat!
IG: @crouchintigerhiddenmickey


Collect - Trade - Sell - Inspire
Meet Barbie and Bruja! A Sister duo hunting down PRETTIES since 2016. #pinmailpretties
IG: @pinhuntress


Matthew and Elissa are confirmed to join the party. It is always fun when CollectRandom is out trading and selling. We heard it might be their anniversary weekend too, so stop by their booth to say hello.
IG: @collectrandom

itsme_kingkermit - JP HDEZ

It's officially a PARTY! Juan is coming to sell and trade pins at Pinchella. You may know him from Disney King Pins but we know him has a the nice guy with nice pins. You will find him near the Disney Kings Pins booth.
IG: @itsme_kingkermit


Come meet my new friend in the pin community. Bluelycanroc is looking for new opportunities, new pin friends, and new pins that they have never seen before.
IG: @bluelycanroc


Brian and Amber created B.A.Collectibles in 2020 with the goal of providing an affordable purchasing experience for both new and veteran pin traders alike. Browse our weekly boards or stop by our booth to checkout our current inventory.
IG: @b.a.collectibles

the Gates Girls - @k_whoa_k_disneypins

Come meet this sweet duo. You can catch them on IG doing feed posts and live sales. Not only do they have some stellar pins, check out their nails too. Stop to see what pins they will have out to trade and sell.
IG: @k_whoa_k_disneypins

SoCal Disney Pinporium

Joining us at Pinchella will be SoCal Disney Pinporium with many different Disney pins for sale. Kilian will be coming with ton of pins to sell and trade. Don't forget, he is always buying too.
eBay: SoCal Disney Pinporium

Cindy Ella's Pin Boutique

Sell, Buy, & Trade with Cindy Ella's Pin Boutique. @princessjasmine335 and her will be sharing a table with so many cute pins. Don't miss them at the Pinchella Festival in the Premium Traders Tables.
IG: @cindy.ellas.pin.boutique


Jasmine is joining the fun. She buys and sells all things Disney with Live Sales every Thursday. She is known for having the cutest Asian, Tokyo and Daiso Disney merch in town. Also, check out her Etsy shop for Disney themed charm bracelets. Super excited to see @cindy.ellas.pin.boutique and her in the Premium Traders Tables.
IG: @princessjasmine335
Etsy: KandiQueenCo


Do you have one thingamabob, She's got twenty-thousand? Come stop by one of our favorite instagram personalities, @arielsthingamabobs. She is a disney enthusiast who just has a love for pins. Follow her to see her rotating inventory.
IG: @arielsthingamabobs
eBay: kimifferxd


Feed your Need. Obsession Collectibles will be offering up many curious and fun items for your collections. Follow for all sorts including Disney & Star Wars pins, Pokemon, gemstones, tokidoki, movie memorabilia, vinylmations and who knows what else. First show ever, so come see what they are brining out to Pinchella.
IG: @obsessioncollectibles


A gem in the pin trading community. Come say hi to @jobarzocollections. This family is bringing a wide range of disney pins to trade and sell. We can't wait to see what they bring to Pinchella.
IG: @jobarzocollections

Lena, Sharon, Jeannie, Diana + Irene

Melinda of Frank & Sons

Melody Tan

Tessa Babcock

What is PinPics?

Pinpics is the premier resource for Disney Pin trading. Pinpics currently is the largest pin database with pin pictures, descriptions, purchase cost, and other detailed information. Pinpics offers an alternative way of valuing pins based on wants to trades ratios.

Special Guests - The Disneyana Fan Club

The Disneyana Fan Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and sharing the rich legacy of Walt Disney.Through a series of charitable fund raising events, the Disneyana Fan Club helps to support inner-city arts programs and to assist families and children affected by major illness to find a little happiness at Disney parks.

Crafters+Artist Alley

Apple of My Eye Boutique & Haberdashery

A small boutique with Disney inspired pretty things to make you feel happy inside and out.
IG: @apple.of.myeyeboutique FB: Apple of My Eye Boutique & Haberdashery


The critters of Critterosity will be invading Pinchella. The PBTI team loves all of her handmade designs and are excited to welcome Critterosity. Come out and support this full time artist. You will not be disappointed in the cuteness level.
IG: @critterosity site: critterosityshop.com

Maria Vega Paints

Maria here! I'm primarily a gouache painter of all things fanart, including its landscapes and architecture. My work tends to be on the looser side to keep things impressionistic. My hope is that my work is able to move you in some way.
IG: @mariavegapaints store: Maria Vega Paints

Cbest Designs

Christie Best is a graphic, seamless patterns and digital designer. Cbest is known for their pastel and kawaii pins, stickers, keychains and more. The cuteness level is too much to handle. You have to come see this artist in person at Pinchella.
IG: @cbestdesigns etsy: DesignsbyCbest

Delightfully jes

Hi there I’m Jes, the creative little ghoul behind Delightfully Jes! I grew up always sketching up characters and designs inspired by all the fandoms I love. Now, I create digitally as well as traditionally with watercolors and acryl gouache! You’ll find loads of treasures in my shop from prints and stickers to pins and earrings, all inspired by the stories that bring me joy and wonder!
IG: @delightfully.jes store: Delightfully Jes

Le BOWNITTE by Beatrice

My name is Le Bownitte by Beatrice and we make Halloween Inspired Ears all year long.
IG: @lebownittebybeatrice store: lebownitte2.com


Hola! I’m Alicia. I'm an artist based in Southern California. I love all things cute and nerdy! My inspiration comes from my love of popular fandoms and nostalgic movies. I started collecting pins back in 2016 and now I decided to create pins of my own. Hope you enjoy my items as much as I enjoy making them!
IG: @horcharta store: horcharta.com

Upcycled Enchantments by Jess

Upcycled Enchantments by Jess is a Filipina-owned business established on the concept of reducing waste and upcycling. She transforms our childhood favorite books and artists' prints into practical stationery items that keep us feeling young at heart. Jess offers a variety of products ranging from notebooks, planners, sketchbooks and on occasion ornaments! Creations with the original storybook cover will have the entire story throughout while others will have covers to create a full scene or different themes. Come see all her upcycled goodness in person, they’re even better when you flip through it.
IG: @upcycled.enchantments

Eli Crafts

Cute Custom Designs all handmade with love.
IG: @elicrafts2020

Scentsy - June Chandler-Enoch

My Journey started in 2011 as a single mom. I had a daycare on a part time basis. A friend introduced me to Scentsy and I immediately fell in love with how safe and great the products were.

Hashi Projects

It's MY sister! Casual artist playing with flowers, clay & crafts. Hashi Projects will be bringing out a selection of earrings, stickers and watercolor prints.
IG: @hashiprojects

MarcMouse - ColorStreet

Meet your Color Street Stylist Mar-C Beverly.

TNT Plushies by Becky

TNT Plushies is back! These handmade plushies are so adorbs. They look great on Christmas trees as ornaments or just pinned to your bag. We can't wait to see what she will come up with for Pinchella!
IG: @tntplushies

Corrine & Tammy from Disneyland Craft Community

Come meet the Disneyland Craft Community Facebook Group admins in person. Corrine and Tammy love crocheting a large variety of items. Stop by their booth and see if there's anything you would like to buy. See ya there.
FB: Disneyland Craft Community

MickeyMoto Boutique - @nuimo_mickeymoto

Bring out your nuimos in style. MickeyMoto will be making an apperance in the PBTI Pop-Up Shop. Japanese exclusive outfits, Fasionista Shoes, and Custom Clothing.
IG: @nuimo_mickeymoto


62xPins is all about the prints. We love all of their pencil cases, pouches and bags. These custom hand-sewn gifts are perfect. 62xPins can be found on etsy but come take a look at their beautiful designs in person at Pinchella!
IG: @62xpins store: 62xPins

I'm A Little Bit, Rose Cookies by Bebehjoy

Hide your diamonds, hide your cookies, I’m a little bit Alexis! Bebehjoys cookies are so good, I begged her to make some for the show. She will be having a limited number of cookies for sale in the Pins Break the Internet Pop Up Shop.
IG: @bebehjoypintrades

Bright Lite Designs

Adding a little bit of Disney Magic to your home one Lightswitch at a time with creating custom Disney Lightswitches.
IG: @brightlitedesigns Etsy: Bright Lite Designs

Cutthroat's Great Wood

We are excited to have Cutthroat's Great Wood join us with their epic designs. These show stoppers are laser cutout wood, hand painted and assembled. Follow on IG to see all the wonderful work.
IG: @cutthroatsgreatwood cutthroatsgreatwood.com

Lost Delta Outpost

Join skipper shinema at the little outpost deep in the jungles of the lost delta! Digital artist who create art inspired by all things in Adventureland. You’ll find loads of lost and found treasures in my shop from prints and patches, all inspired by the jungles that remind you all exotic and adventure!
IG: @lostdeltaoutpost Etsy: LostDeltaOutpost

Diz Core Apparel

IG: @dizcoreapparel

Art by Elldor

Artbyelldor's use of abstract art is inspired by her emotions and artistic style. Each sketch, painting, and drawing evolves into a beautiful masterpiece that reminds us to stay young at heart. Her love for Disney can be seen in her Disney inspired art and fantasy pins. The fantasy pins created by @artbyelldor are based on fan-favorite original artwork. Come see her display of painting and fall in love with her creativity.
IG: @artbyelldor

Simply EAR Resistible 2

We are Two Sisters who dream of making all your Disney imaginations possible by creating your EARresistible pair. Customs are our specialty, where the impossible is possible! All our Ears are made with a full floral arrangement from front to back.
IG: @simply_earresistible2
Etsy: SimplyEAResistible2


Evelyn is a mixed media artist who started her sticker business as a creative outlet during the pandemic to “stick together” Evelyn’s creative influences ranges from Anime to Horror and is well-known for her clever humor within her art.
IG: @berryknotty


Ran by two sisters (and a ghost), the Crafters’ Coven sells a variety of homemade fandom goods, crafted lovingly by hand!
IG: @thecrafterscoven
Etsy: thecrafterscoven


Crafted with pixie dust and magic come see these cute hair clips, jewelry, and more. I love all the handmade crafts that the castle creationz designs.
IG: @castle.creationz


IT'S DARREN. Come check out his super kawaii stickers. All of his art is inspired by the “chibi” style of drawing and making things kawaii. He is making the world a little more kawaii, one work of art at a time.
IG: @destroyitdarren

Amuseboosh - @amuseboosh

Amuseboosh features the artwork of lifelong Disney fan and former cast member, Melissa Chan Stone. Amuseboosh’s goal is to bring magic and fun to everyday life with prints, stickers, and specialty items inspired by Disney Parks and fandom. "I hope my art sparks the same mixture of nostalgia, excitement, and sheer joy of being inside a Disney theme park. My interpretation of the parks is a mix of vintage and current sights and experiences. I love both the history and the heart of these magical places.""
IG: @amuseboosh

Amy's Alphabet Boutique

Tumblers, hot cups, starbucks and more. Amy's Alphabet Boutique is creating super cute designs that you need to see in person. She will be bringing out her halloween line to Pinchella. Come check out @pinderelly's sisters newest handmade, personalized creations.
IG: @amysalphabet_

Dainty Sweeeets - @daintysweeeets

Life is SWEEEET! Come out and pick up a snack with Dainty Sweeets. She will be bringing her famous dipped rice crispy treats. Dainty Sweeets is the available for custom order of hand dipped strawberrys, rice crispy treats and more. Based in Downey.
IG: @daintysweeeets

Are you the Droid I'm Looking For?
Droid Meetup at Pinchella

Pinchella will have a dedicated cement area for our R2 and BB8 units to play.
If you don't have a custom droid, come meet custom designers and collectors that can point you in the right direction.

Photo Ops + more...

Custom Droids by Ryan

Artistic designs that are out of this galaxy. Spot by and see R2D2 and BB8 like you have never seen them before.
IG: @ryactiv1401

Droid Photo Op

Put your droid back in its original package. Ryan will be brining his original packaging photo opp. Don't forget to bring your droid.

Jedi Droid Builder

Hand made and painted items. Stickers of pop culture, Star Wars and Disney. Droid and Savi’s Saber customization and fabrication.
IG: @jedidroidbuilder etsy: JediDroidBuilder

Order 66 Design

Order 66 Design was created to provide high-quality and unique 3D printed products. The idea began with an unrelenting enthusiasm for Star Wars, and the drive to bring that Galaxy Far Far Away into our reality. We create the products you want, but can't find anywhere else. You have an idea you'd like to bring to life?
IG: @order66design

The Delightful Den - Chris & Kris

Chris and Kris from "The Delightful Den" provide handmade items for your Drinks and Droids. We will be featuring our line of "Drink Wear" resusable tumbler koozie, Star Wars Home Decor and Droid escape Pod "DEP" inspired vinyl.
etsy: TheDelightfulDen

Food. Drink. Alcohol.

Pinchella will have two full bars and a grill for guests to enjoy. All food and drinks need to be purchased from the Elks Lodge and no outside food or drinks are permitted.

Please support the Elks Lodge by purchasing from the Bar & Grill. Drink responsibily, Don't Drive Drunk.

Pinchella 2021

Labor day Weekend - Saturday, Sept 4, 2021
11:00AM - 5:00PM

Location: 11551 Trask Ave, Garden Grove, CA [the Elks Lodge]
Directions: 10 minutes away from Disneyland, Off the 22 freeway, exit Harbor Blvd, corner of Trask Ave & Newhope St

General admission is free. Table and Booth space available.


General Admission is Free! But everyone likes to feel like a VIP

Time to make a plan. Tickets to the festival

the VIP Dealers (SOLD OUT)

Reserve a 10 x 10 space in the shade. Get a spot ready to go

Provided: 10x10 Tent, 8 ft Table + 2 Chairs
Early Entry for FOUR

Early Entry for Vendor Setup begins at 9:00AM

the Dealers / the Crafters (SOLD OUT)

Reserve a 10 x 10 space, BYO shade. Build your own booth

Provided: 10x10 Space
(NO Tent, NO Tables and NO Chairs provided)

Early Entry for FOUR

Early Entry for Vendor Setup begins at 9:00AM

the Ultimate Trader/Seller (SOLD OUT)

Reserve a table space in the shade. All pin books must lay flat on the table. Only for Pin Sellers & Traders

Provided: 8ft Table + 2 Chairs (Under Main Tent)
NO Merch Allowed!
Early Entry for TWO

Early Entry for Setup begins at 10:00AM

the Casual Trader/Seller (SOLD OUT)

Early Entry + Personal Table Setup. Don't mind sitting in the park, this is for you! All pin books must lay flat on the table. Only for Pin Sellers & Traders

Provided: Trading Space for 2 + 2 Chair.
NO Merch Allowed!
Early Entry for TWO

Early Early Entry for Setup begins at 10:00AM

Facebook Group + Insta-Fluencer Table (SOLD OUT)

Message @pinsbreaktheinternet for more info

Early Entry for TWO

Early Entry for Setup begins at 10:00AM

General Admission - Free!

Provided: Fun + Trading + Shopping

General Entry at 11:00PM

Vendor Tents Sold Out